Home SharingHome Sharing is a living arrangement among two or more unrelated people. Home owners or renters (Home Providers) who have a residence with one or more bedrooms are matched with persons seeking housing (Home Seekers)


Home Sharing

Two Types of Home Sharing

  1. In a rent exchange, a home provider is matched with a home seeker who pays rent.
  2. A service exchange, a home provider is matched with a home seeker who exchanges services in lieu of or for reduced rent.

Why Home Share?

  • Saves Money
  • Shares utility costs
  • Reduces financial worry
  • Provides mutual assistance
  • Increased security and independence

Who Home Shares?

People who home share come from all walks of life…seniors, working persons, students, persons with disabilities, families, veterans, emancipated foster youth and others.


How It Works?

To arrange for an interview in one of HIP Housing’s four offices, call our main office at (650)348-6660.

We will make an appointment with one of our housing coordinators to take your application. You will need to bring photo identification, the names and phone numbers of three people who will act as a reference for you, and some written verification of your income used for statistical purposes and kept confidential.

Home Sharing Services Include:

  • Interviewing and screening applicants
  • Personal Housing Coordinator
  • Home visits to seniors and home-bound individuals
  • Bilingual services
  • Facilitation of Living Together Agreements
  • Follow-up support and linkages to other community resources

To participate in the Home Sharing Program

HIP Housing’s Home Sharing Program would like to hear from you. To receive a call to answer questions and/or schedule an appointment, please complete the inquiry form by clicking on the Inquiry Form button and we will contact you as soon as it is processed or feel free to call us at 650.348.6660.

Inquiry Form

Success Stories

Success Stories

Selina was looking for an affordable place to live so she could continue her schooling. Cornelia was renting out a room to reduce housing expenses but also wanted to help out a young person with their dreams.

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Home Sharing Success Story - Frank, Diane and PabloNow that Diane and Frank’s kids have all gone to college, they wanted to rent out the extra room in their home to help with living expenses.

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